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Growing up in Vienna, Austria with a philanthropic father who worked for the United Nations and an awesome mother who started a church which predominately helps Nigerian women who were trafficked into prostitution, her love for people and passion for personal development was almost a given.

She loved life, her family and friends and always had something to smile about. That smile was soon taken away by an unpleasant experience as a 7 year old child, an event that would change her life forever. Initially unable to deal with the effects of that event, she would grow up having a bubbly and social personality yet secretly lived life in anger, guilt, bitterness and occasional self-harm.

Moving to London to commence university was another eye opener. She would have conversations with ladies who looked absolutely beautiful but the more she would engage them the clearer it became that many of them battled with low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and the effects of negative events of their past. Something she knew much about.

Looking good was essential - Time and resources were spent looking the part, compliments were not scarce either but they wouldn’t mean anything, because nothing could take away her feelings of depression or stop her from fine-dining with suicidal thoughts.

Then one day, at her lowest point thus far, she is left with two options i.e. to give up and let the events of her past govern her future or to use them as instruments to become the best person she can, using her experiences to be a blessing. She chose the latter and ultimately, through her Christian faith, found healing, wholeness, forgiveness, love and most importantly peace.

Now, she is happily married to the love of her life and dedicates her life to helping women who have been through similar physical, emotional or psychological challenges. Her aim is to help these women find their inner strength to ultimately look in the mirror and not just like whom they see, but also who they are.

His Bride was set-up in 2007 and has over 10 years’ experience in the fashion, beauty and personal development industry. Since inception, His Bride has facilitated a number of events ranging from individual styling sessions and how-to classes for women living with HIV to workshops on self-esteem and confidence as well as International Women’s Day Events.



About His Bride

His Bride is a lifestyle consultancy focusing on fashion, beauty and personal development.
Founded on Christian principles, His Bride aims to support women from all walks of life to reach their potential by equipping them with practical tools to look and feel their best and become everything God intended them to be.

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